Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hilton Anniversary Event.

Hello All: This past Friday Night (October 2nd) was definitely a night to remember. I was selected to DJ one of the biggest & most elite celebrations in all of Akron. The Hilton Akron West/Fairlawn (owned by Mr. "A") had a reason to celebrate. The Hotel marked a momentous occasion with a momentous event. Mr. "A's" property just turned 40 years old.

At first thought, you might ask, "why is this such a big event?" Well, 40 years marks the longest running single hotel property owned by one individual in the WORLD. (Yes, I said World). Hilton Hotel's and Mr. A went all out. They put together one heck of a celebration which served two purposes: 1. Celebrate 40 years, & 2. Raise Money for the Stephen A. Comunale Jr., Foundation. It was a huge success.

Each of the main spaces within the hotel was given it's own theme which was crafted to perfection by their own talented Florist and Designers. I was set pool side in the "South Beach Room" designed by Stephen M. Tokar. It was AMAZING. check out the views below. (iPhone Quality Pics) - They really do no justice at all. I'm sorry, but I missed taking pics of the other spaces. (darn battery life on my iPhone)

The other talent enlisted for this huge undertaking was: Neil Leeson, Heather Lilly and Prestige Floral, just to name a few. This was all held together and choreographed by the great Eileen Benson (planner)

Check it:

Congrats to Mr. "A" and The Hilton Akron West/Fairlawn on 40 Fabulous Years!
Thanks for having me.

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