Monday, October 5, 2009

Simon + Maria + Avon Oaks

Hello All: This past Saturday was spent like most of my Saturday nights: At a kickin' wedding reception. I never had a chance to meet the bride & groom until the Thursday before their wedding, but @ that moment I knew we were going to have a good time. Maria & Simon chose one of my favorite (yet rarely used) songs for their grand entrance: "You're the Best" - Joe Esposito ( think Karate Kid ). The entire night went off without a hitch. Maria & Simon were the first of their friends to get married and were definitely up to the challenge of setting the tone of their reception. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves and I'm hoping that over the next several years their close friends from college will keep me in mind! :)

The Details:

The Date: October 3rd, 2009
The Venue: Avon Oaks CC.
The Photog: Not sure, he was a nice guy, but came from Grand Rapids Michigan. He left without saying goodbye and I forgot to grab his business card. Oh well.
The DJ: ME - DJ Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions
Memorable Moment: Well, again their were two of them: 1. The Maid of Honor who flew in from Brazil spoke just briefly for her toast. She was very nervous and the only thing I could understand was "I Love You"...she was speaking in Portuguese. 2. The groomsmen insisted I play "I'm On A Boat" - Lonely Island, which I happily busted into.

Here are some quick iPhone pics of this shin-dig. Plus a video snip it from the start of the "open dancing". Enjoy!

The set up: My assistant Casey preparing.
Do the "Cupid Shuffle"!
Maria & Simon. Great looking couple!
The first "open dance" song. "Run Around Sue" - Dion (video)

Congrats to Maria & Simon. Have fun in Hawaii!

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