Monday, September 28, 2009

September 26th, 2009 @ The Courthouse

Hello All: Night number two for last weekends wedding celebrations could not have gone better. Everything was perfect at the reception from start to finish. Tom & Eileen were amazing hosts and they put together one heck of a party to celebrate their marriage. I really enjoyed working with this couple. Their families were so much fun and their guests really danced the night away.

Tom & Eileen chose the area's top vendors for their reception on Saturday September 26Th, 2009. Here is the skinny on the fantastic vendor line up.
Venue: The Courthouse (Cleveland)
Video: Moonstruck
DJ: ME! - Scott E. Jones (Jerry Bruno Productions)
Memorable Moment: There were a few things that occurred at this reception that I will remember for a long & Eileen toasting their friends & family at the end of dinner. Scott from Moonstruck's same day edit. The bridal party introductions and some slippery steps as well as the many Dayton Flyer's in attendance.

Here are some of my junky iPhone photo's for you to enjoy. For the goods, just visit Geneveive Nisly's blog. Their the real deal.

My Bose L1 rig up close
My dual Bose L1 set up from way up high
1/2 the dinning area set up. Overhead view
Family wedding pics going back to 1906 - Crazy
The Maids-Of-Honors toast.
It's always easy to get 300 guests movin'
Congrats to Eileen & Tom. I wish you all the best!

September 25th Wedding @ Glenmoor C.C.

Hello All: Wow, do I feel a disconnect from my blog...and it's only been a couple of weeks. Well, I'm back at it with this post which is starting the next month and a half of double weekends. Let the good times roll.

This past Friday (September 25Th) I headed south for a amazing reception. Travis and Andrea assembled some of the area's finest vendors for 135 of their bestest friends & family. Andrea and Travis were a great couple to work with. They are so down to earth, friendly, genuine and a ton of fun. (Who wouldn't love a bride who likes to go hunting with her man.) We rocked the party until 1:30am. Great times! Thanks for having me!

Here's the line-up of vendors Andrea and Travis put together.
I highly recommend them all.

Venue: Glenmoor C.C. (North Canton)
DJ: ME! - Scott E. Jones (Jerry Bruno Productions)
Memorable Moment: Their priest, Father John, was really cutting a rug. At one point Father John was getting "low" to "Low" by Flo-Rida. He was rockin' it. The very hip Father even took off his suite jacket and waved it over his head and tossed it aside. I tried to get a photo of his dancing skills but it was just to dark. Sorry, I know, I failed. Below you will find the pics that you can actually see: Oh yeah, you can also click here to go to Genevieve Nisly's blog for some amazing pics...including Father John!

My dual Bose L1 set up
The mantle near the dance floor
Wow, what a space: Glenmoor C.C. at it's finest.
Yeah - Cake!
Guest tables
The head table before guests arrived
The massive head table during dinner
Andrea, Me & Travis. (Another satisfied bride & groom)
Congrats to Andrea & Travis

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fox 8 Voting Under Way! I want your vote!

Hello All: For the past two years, Jerry Bruno Productions has placed Third in the Cleveland Wedding Music category of the Fox 8 Hot List Contest. Pretty good. But with over 22 bands, 18 DJs, and countless other groups, acts, and musicians as well as over 1,500 happy clients per year, we’re pretty sure we could reach first or second place this time.
It’s so easy to help us reach our goal. Simply click the yellow “Vote” button on our page at the Hot List contest site. You may have to register quickly, but you will not be spammed.
Voting ends November 6 and we will post the results as soon as they are announced. Thank you!

Please VOTE, VOTE and VOTE again. Tell your friends too! Okay, now go back to work.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bogart - Bohrer Wedding (September 13th)

Hello All: I really really love Sunday afternoon weddings. Plus I really love any wedding that includes a bride as fun as Stacey. She was always so easy to talk to on the phone, cheerful and full of life. She put a smile on my face every time we spoke about her wedding music & reception. Her and Jason make a stellar couple. Love was definitely in the air.

Here's who got involved:

Venue: Landerhaven (East Ballroom)
Photography: BCR Studios (Brad)
DJ: Me, Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions
Memorable Moment: The whole event was a memorable moment! This was a traditional Jewish reception on a Sunday afternoon and the guests danced as if it were 11:00 PM on a Saturday night. I mean, just look at the pics below. It's the middle of the afternoon (on a Sunday) and the bride, groom and their families were really cutting a rug. I couldn't keep them off the dance floor. It was super sweet!

Now on to some pics! Check em out...get inspired.

Cake, yeah!
Ahh, Flowers.
Brunch is served. (East Ballroom)
A second-first dance: "Ribbon In The Sky"
Hava Nagila!
Last song of the afternoon: "Piano Man" (It always has this effect)
Congrats to The Newlyweds Stacey & Jason.

Jones - Boutton Wedding ( September 12th )

Hello All: This past Saturday (September 12th, 2009) I had my first experience DJ'ing at The Sheraton Crown Plaza Hotel in Middleburg Hts. It was fantastic. I also had the pleasure of working with a new photographer, Joe Kolecki. (super nice guy) All and all it was a great night. It was an intimate affair with 100 guests and a super fun bridal party.

Here are some of the evenings details along with some very junky iPhone photos. Enjoy:

Photographer: Joe Kolecki
Video Montage: Memory Productions
Memorable Moment: The groom (Jeff) at one point in the evening brought up a CD for me to play and asked me to play "Track 5" - (Note, when a bride or groom brings up a CD and asks me to play it...I play it...without question) Well, 30 seconds into the song it became VERY vulgar and my first thought was turn it off....turn it off, but hey, it was the groom who gave me the CD, so I let it least until he promptly and embarrassingly (hey is that a word) came over and asked me to skip to track 8....which also ended up being full of nasty language as well...we gave up on the CD after that.

Photo time:

My Dual Bose L1 set up.
A table setting.
The head table. Bride & Groom center and elevated!
Yumm, Cake.
A surprise video montage just after dinner. (Memory Productions)
Small group, dancing it up. (100 guests in attendance)
Congrats to Jeff & Karen. Thanks for rockin' with me!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heminger - Plantner Reception 9-6-09

Hello All: Night number two of my Labor Day weekend DJ extravaganza was for a fellow North Olmsted High School Graduate. Good times! Brian & Megan put on one heck of a show, literally! They had an entire night prepared with elements that kept me and here guests busy all night long. I'm 100% positive that their guests enjoyed every minute of it. The evening was topped off with a last dance song of "Kokomo" - Beach Boys. (They are heading to Aruba for their Honeymoon).

Here are the details from this major production.
(Megan would get a kick out of me referring to her wedding as a "production".)
According to her family, she is a bit over the top!

Ceremony Venue: Severance Hall
Photographer: Ken Blaze Photography
Video: 2nd Mile (check their blog for the same day edit. Amazing!)
Cocktail & Dinner Music: Travelin' Johnsons (Jerry Bruno Productions)
DJ/Reception Music/MC service: ME - DJ Scott E. Jones
Memorable Moment: There were many, the most touching moment was when Megan surprised her mom by changing into her mom's wedding gown from the 70's to dance with her father during the "father/daughter" dance. There were a lot of tears!

Wow - That's a lot of tables!

The feathery centerpieces.
My Dual Bose L1 Set up.
The Travelin' Johnsons (Phil & Wes) - They jammed for cocktail & dinner hours.
Father Daughter Dance.
(Bride wearing her mom's wedding dress (surprise) from the 70's)
Them there are some kicking white chocolate strawberries.
The ceremonial cake cutting with guests gathered. Cake cutting on the "Euclid Rotunda" within the Hyatt.
Brian (Groom) and groomsmen were getting down, I don't remember what song I was playing at this moment, but it was pretty flippin funny.
Party time @ The Hyatt Regency Cleveland Hotel!
Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Peanut! Have fun in Aruba!