Monday, October 19, 2009

Morgan & Adam @ Windows

Hello All: Day number 2 of this past weekends festivities was very unique...and memorable for sure. Morgan and Adam are a great couple. They are very much in love. Anyone in attendance could see that. Aside from the many kisses prompted by the clanking of the glasses, they could not keep their lips off of each other. It was very refreshing to see two people so much in love. Their entire bridal party and parents were unbelievably fun, welcoming and energetic. Morgan & Adam really wanted their wedding reception to be at Windows and they also wanted it on Sweetest Day weekend, so when the Cityview Room was only available on Sunday Night....they scooped it up. The reception was quaint, 85 guests, but we partied like it was set for a couple hundred.

The details, 411, the skinny, along with my stellar iPhone photos:

The Date: Sunday October 18th, 2009
Photographer: Adam's father
No Professional Video: But there were a couple of active family members with video camera's documenting the affair
Memorable Moment: One of Adam's groomsmen is also an Akron cop. So, as a surprise to family and friends ( to spice things up ) - just as Adam was about to do the garter removal, the Akron cop crashed our party, hand-cuffed Adam and forced him to remove and toss the garter by using his mouth only. Note: This was not my idea, but it certainly went over well. Everyone cheered as Adam struggled under the big white gown while digging for the elusive garter. He even tossed it to the hand full of single guys by getting a running start and whipping his head and tossing the garter from his mouth. (See iPhone pic below for crappy picture of how it all went down)


This is what makes Windows on the River..."Windows" #1
This is what makes Windows on the River..."Windows" #2
A screen shot of the bride & groom's "formals" music list. (notice the first song: Grand Entrance: "I'm On A Boat" - Lonely Island & T-Pain) - Fur real.
My super-duper-dj-rig.
Umm, Yeah, more cake!
Their first dance. Cool city lights in the background.
The arrest during the garter removal. (Sorry for the fuzzy shot)
Dancin' the Night away. (Sunday night that is)
Congrats to Morgan & Adam. Congrats on your new home too.

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