Monday, August 31, 2009

Ruchalski - Bolek Wedding

Hello All: This past weekend I had the pleasure of DJ'ing at Severance Hall. What a great venue! I have not been there in a few years. The last time I provided my personal set of DJ skills in that venue was back before Sammy's took over the catering side of things. Let me tell you, Sammy's did not disappoint!

The bride & groom: Michael & Tina, invited 100 of their closest friends, family and colleagues together to join in the celebration of their marriage. The Newlyweds spared no expense. Here are the details on the stellar event:

Florist: Heather Lily
Limo: A-1 Mr. Limo ( Rolls Royce )
Entertainment: Me of Course! - Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions.

Memorable moment: The groom's two brothers (Matt & James) did a quick, impromptu mini "dance off" that ended with a very poorly executed back spin. Good times!

A huge floral arrangement (Heather Lily)
Just...WOW! (notice my set up of Bose L1's)
The dinning area up stairs.
Cocktails on the mail level.
Dancing the night away (back on the main level)
My happy clients @ nights end! - Tina & Michael.
Congrats to Michael & Tina! I wish you and your families the very best! Thanks for having me be apart of your very special day. (Thanks for sending me the last picture featured above too).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Katie & Tom - August 22nd, 2009

Hello All: This past weekend I had to brave downtown Cleveland and all of the Browns/Indians traffic to Dj for Katie & was well worth it! Katie & Tom were amazing to work with. They were always in good spirits, confident and fun. I am no Cupid, but I can tell that these two are very much in love.
Katie & Tom put together a fantastic line up of vendors. Here is the "skinny":
Venue: The Club @ Key Center (Maureen O'Hanlon Rocks!)
Photographer: David Bernstein
Florist: Heather Lily
Photobooth: Shutterbooth
DJ: Me - DJ Scott E. Jones (of course) - Jerry Bruno Productions

Here are some quick iPhone photos of the event!
Table settings
That's one tall cake
A touching toast by the Maid of Honor
Now were dancin'
CJ, Katie & Tom
Me, Katie & Tom

Congrats to Katie & Tom! Thanks for having me be a part of your very special celebration.

JK Divorce Entrance Dance

Hello All: I had to share this. A couple of weeks back another wedding YouTube sensation swept the nation: "JK's Wedding Entrance Dance", which quickly received millions of hits. (21,803,071 views as of this blog post to be exact) I myself am guilty of watching it a 1/2 dozen times alone. It is a great video captured at the wedding ceremony for "JK". Very fun and very inspirational. You can see the original version by clicking here.

Not to long ago "JK" put out the "JK Divorce Entrance Dance". - A follow up sequel to the original and all in good fun, not for real. - Check it by clicking here. This is an amazing video as well and very fun to watch, again I have watched it 1/2 dozen times already.

Enjoy some fun!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kirkbride - Falvey Wedding

Hello All: Well, this weekend was big, no wait, it was huge! I had the honor of DJ'ing for a fellow, respected wedding industry professional: Valarie Kirkbride from "Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design". If you've never heard of her and her company, check them out by clicking here. They always do a stellar job, but this past Saturday (August 15Th) was way beyond all expectations, I think even Valarie was surprised and delighted with the way the whole evening turned out.
The theme was "Carnival Nights" and she took it to the 10Th degree. Everything about her wedding reception made me think I was on a set in a movie or at some high profile celebrity wedding. She did not miss one single element. It was Valarie and her associates at their best and a good time was had by all. My assistant Casey was very fond of the cookies and Carmel Apples. The popcorn for a late night snack was a great idea too.
The event was jam packed with a ton of details and events that I had to choreograph and control. I was the evenings designated DJ and MC even though they also hired a band to play as well. The band and I worked well together and we created a seamless presentation of music, dancing and entertainment.
Here is a run down of all the talented vendors Valarie choose to use on the most important wedding she has ever planned. (her own) Check them out. They are some of the industries finest:

Linens: L'Nique
Photography: Easy Wind Studios

With all the chaos of the multi-room set up, working with a band and the extreme heat I was slightly off my photographic iPhone game last night. I only remembered to get two shots. The first pic below is of Valarie and Jimmy's first dance: "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green. (Great song choice). The second pic below was an after thought and I grabbed the closest drunk guest at the end of the wedding and asked him to take a quick pic before he dropped my iPhone on the dance floor. Great quality, I know! Congrats to Valarie and Jimmy. Have fun in Riviera Maya.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Candice & Greg : August 8th, 2009

Hello All: This past weekend was a busy one, both with a very hip wedding and on the personal end of things: (garage sale, new fish tank and me doing a little work around the house). I won't bore you with my personal doings but here is the skinny on my wedding this past Saturday evening: First off, my bride & groom were two of the nicest, most down to earth people you will ever meet. Greg & Candice were always a pleasure to work with. I could not ask for a better couple. Here's the "411" on the evening:
Saturday August 8th, 2009
Gregory & Candice
Venue: Windows on the River (Cityview Room)
Photography: Ballard Brothers Photography
Photo booth: Shutterbooth (Dave)
DJ: Of course me! - DJ Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions
Special Moment: During the Cake Cutting, Greg & Candice positioned their best man & maid of honor near the cake table for assistance, but when it came time to feed each other, they smashed it in their attendants faces instead. It was a surprise no one was aware of except the bride & groom. Everyone had a good laugh over the chaos.
Some pics (iPhone style)
What a kickin' cake.
The long head table.
My Bose L1 rig set up in the Cityview Room.
Dave and his "Shutterbooth" - Great guy, great company!
Dancing the night away!
Me & the happy couple: Greg & Candice.
Greg, Candice and Casey (CJ) - My new assistant.
Congrats to Greg & Candice! Have fun in Barbados.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Hello All: The past 5 days have been amazingly relaxin'. I have done nothing but sit on the beach with my boys, hang with old friends, play solitare, rummy, read a book and barefoot (water ski). I was not in the mood to take pics or even turn on the puter until I got home an hour ago and realized it's back to reality on Monday morning. Now that I sit here and type this (wife is napping again *vacation = sleep time for wifey*) I am realizing how much I hate getting back to normal. What a downer.

Oh well. I wonder how much of a downer it will be when we finally make it to Hawaii for two weeks and then have to come back to reality, maybe that's why most couples who go to Hawaii do it during they don't have to have that feeling. I guess we'll wait until then as well. The laundry just buzzed...time to fold. Enjoy your lazy Sunday afternoon.