Sunday, October 10, 2010

Facebook it is!

Hello All: Well, I was able to keep up with my personal blogging responsibilities for quite a while, but the truth of the matter is I just can't keep up. Therefore I'm going to bail on this blog thing and just let this thing hang out here. Feel free to jump ship and join me and over 500 million of my new friends on Facebook. Please be sure to "like" me or ask to be my "friend" and you can keep up with my DJ life and the goings on around the house. Hope to see you there.

Join me "Scott E Jones"

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Cya there.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Facebook or Not to Facebook?

Hello All: Again, I find myself way behind with my blogging responsibilities. These detailed individual blog posts about the weddings that I DJ seem to take way to much time. Therefore, I think I will simplify my personal online social presence and maybe jump on the 500 Million strong band wagon and join Facebook. I can't believe I've avoided it this long....but I think the time has come. Or has it? If I make the jump, my little bloggosphere here will just fizzle out. I hope you can all handle it. I'm off to ponder...Facebook or Not to Facebook?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yeah, I'm behind, but not blind. (whatever that means) it just rhymes

Hello All: Yup, I am yet again behind in blogging about my weddings and life events. Maybe I've been to busy playing around on the Internet....finding stuff like this. (see below) Thanks for sending it my way Dad! - Good stuff. So instead of describing the last 4 weddings I've DJ'ed, here is a funny YouTube vid about Parma. Enjoy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I just can't keep up

Hello All: As the title of this blog post states: "I just can't keep up". This has been one very busy and exciting summer for all of us here at Jerry Bruno Productions. ( It's so busy that for the first time in a long time I'm finding myself taking work home with me. Trust me, I'm not complaining, but my blog here is going to start to suffer. What a bummer... I know.

So with that being said, I've already missed blogging about my last two weddings, but I swear to you I was rockin' it hard at some great receptions.

On August 6Th, 2010 I was at Pine Ridge C.C. with a super cool family.
I had the pleasure of working with the always crazy and fun Jeff Ballard from Ballard Brothers Photography. Good times!

And on August 7Th, 2010 I did a super swanky reception at Landerhaven (East Ballroom) for an equally awesome couple.

I wish all four of you the very best. Congrats to Alicia & Dan as well as John & Gina.

I hope to see you at another reception soon!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gilpin - Fritz Wedding @ Walden

Hello All: Wow, Wow, Wow, what a weekend. This past Saturday night was amazing, wonderful and frightening all at the same time. I was looking forward to this wedding for so many reasons, but as the forecast became a reality it had me extremely nervous. Rachael & Jonathan planned a beautiful reception at Walden Country Inn outside in a huge tent. It was stunning...and hot. Thank goodness for the parents of the bride & groom adding air-conditioning to the set-up to keep the guests cool. There was a heat-advisory in affect that evening until 8:00 PM. It was steamy! But that was the least of our worries. The weather turned for the worse just as we were doing the grand entrance and the party had to be put on hold while the staff & many guests hunkered down in the tent (holding down the sides) to keep us from flying away. Looking back, I'm fairly certain if the guests, vendors and staffers (about 40 of them) did not step up and help out the whole event would have been rained out and blown down. It was a very scary 20 minutes. It was one of the most amazing things I've been apart of as a DJ in the last 11 years. I'm thankful we all survived.

Here are the extreme details:

Date: Saturday July 24Th, 2010
Floral Designer: Pieter Bouterse Studio
Photographer/Video: LCD Photography
DJ: Jerry Bruno Productions - Me - Scott E. Jones
Memorable Moments: Wow, there were a ton. In a nutshell, I will always remember all the trained dancers on the dance floor, the extreme rain and winds (felt like a Tornado) as well as the heat and their first dance routine. - It was all amazing. Plus the way the bride & groom (and their families) dealt with the torrential rain was admirable. They were cool, happy and confident that it was all going to be okay! It was more than okay, it was perfect...complete with a Rainbow.

iphone pics & vid: Check em':

The talented Yoda Pez performing during cocktails.
Looking up at the amazing flower chandelier (1 of 3)
The table settings.
The whole room/tent view.
The "White Flower Cake Shoppe" - one of their finest.
After a super-bad rainstorm, the bride and groom were greeted with an amazing rainbow right over their tent.
A well choreographed first dance: "Everything" - Michael Buble
"Put Your Hands Up..."
The result of mixing good music and a reception full of Miami University Dance Team Alumni: "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah".

Congrats to Rachael and Jonathan. What a night. If rain on your wedding night truly means a wealth of good fortune, you are going to be a very rich & happy couple!

Best Wishes!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kristen & Christopher @ Landerhaven

Hello All: On Saturday July 17Th, 2010 I had the pleasure of working with a super cool couple and a fantastic line up of talented vendors. It was an All-Star team of sorts. Kristen & Christopher pulled the whole night together (and it was perfect) with the help of the uber-talented Valarie Kirkbride. It was a fantastic celebration. Well done.

Here are the details.

Date: July 17Th, 2010
Room: East Ballroom
Event Planner: Valarie Kirkbride (Kirkbrides)
Cocktail Music: Brooke Hopkins Jazz Duo (Piano & Bass)
Photographer: Easywind Studios
Videographer: Moonstruck
Memorable Moment: Their first dance. It was exceptionally choreographed and performed flawlessly to a great Lifehouse song. See pic below. Well done!

Yay for the iphone, here are the photos:

Table setting.
Room view: Landerhaven's East Ballroom.
Their names in lights!
The Brooke Hopkins Jazz Duo. (Piano & Bass)
The sugar ( I mean candy ) table.
A well choreographed 1st dance: "You and Me" - Lifehouse.
A rockin' dance floor.
Congrats to Kristen & Christopher!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Campanelli - Brown Wedding @ Gervasi

Hello All: This past weekend was amazing. I had a super fun Saturday Off and I spent my Friday Night DJ'ing for a kick-butt couple at a brand new (soon to be very popular) wedding venue (Gervasi Vineyard). Shawn & Andrea were the second wedding to be held at this hip, stylish new vineyard. The event went off without a hitch. Gervasi lived up to their hype. I can't wait to go back. If you have not heard of this new vineyard, be sure to check them out.

Here are the details:

Date: Friday July 9Th, 2010
Photographer: 831 Photography
Memorable Moments: Again, I'm trying to keep my memorable moment(s) category down to just one thing, so with this reception I will most remember the grooms toast and welcoming speech. In 10 plus years of wedding receptions that I have personally DJ'ed & MC'ed I have only seen a heartfelt, touching and tear jerking style toast by a groom one other time. Well done Shawn.

iPhone Photos: Love em':

A lakeside view at Gervasi
A view of the Bistro at Gervasi from the reception Pavilion
Wedding ceremony in Pavilion
A look from outside / Gervasi Vineyard's Pavilion.
Now we dancin'

Congrats to Andrea and Shawn Brown. I wish you all the best!