Monday, October 12, 2009

Nicole & Michael @ Sheraton

Hello All: Day two of last weekend was flippin' fantastic. Nicole and Michael were two of the most fun people I have ever DJ'ed for. Nicole is artistic, full of life and super easy to talk to. Her and Michael make a perfect match. The newlyweds had a very formal, very quaint reception (less the 100 guests). Everything was done to the "9's". The table settings, linen's, vendors, food, candy table, cake..etc. It was all stellar. The event was smaller but the guests partied big time. I could not keep them off the dance floor. It was so good...they even danced to "Soulja Boy's: Crank That". - Good times.

Here are the Good Times details on this stylish celebration:

Date: Saturday October 10th, 2009.
Photographer: 831 Photography
DJ: Ahh.. Do you have to ask: Me! - Scott E. Jones/Jerry Bruno Productions
Memorable Moment(s): The dancing, the dancing and the dancing...oh and the candy table...and the cake cutting: Nicole and Michael really smashed the cake...everywhere! It was super fun. (Have not seen that in a while).

More photos: iPhone style:

The smallish dance floor. Single L1 set up. Worked perfectly.
I love candy tables. This one was the best. (Snickers, M&M's, Laffy Taffy..etc)
This cake was designed (Not made) by Nicole herself.
Table setting/design.
The long (narrow) dinning room.
The view outside the "Cuyaghoa Room".
Vendors working hard: Bob (Focus On You Video) and Shannon (831 Photography)
Haven't played this one in a while: "Crank That" - Soulja Boy!
Best wishes to Nicole & Michael! Thanks for being so fun!

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