Monday, October 26, 2009

Nicholas & Christina @ Windows

Hello All: This past weekend I found myself back at Windows on the River. My new second home. I love this place. The staff, the venue, the views, the food. It's a great venue for a wedding reception. Nick & Chrissy had a stunning reception planned for 180 guests. They held the affair in Cityview Room and brought in some stellar vendors to boot. Their guests came ready to party and definitely had their dancing shoes on.

Here's the details that made the event a huge success:

Date: Saturday October 24th, 2009
Venue: Windows on the River (Cityview Room)
Event Planner: Brenda from Catans Fashions.
Video: A family friend, but he did not miss a beat
DJ: Yup, you betcha: Me - DJ Scott E. Jones ( Jerry Bruno Productions )
Memorable Moment: After we completed the garter removal and toss, Chrissy and Nick agreed: We had to do the "reversal". So we all had some good fun as we witnessed two complete strangers get intimate with the garter as the lucky single guy had the honor of placing the garter on the leg of a single lady. It's a fact: For every inch about the knee the garter gets placed it is supposed to be 7 years good luck in the newlyweds marriage. So push it up high! The lucky candidates were very fun and did it with class.

My supurb iPhone photos:

The table settings (1/2 off the room)
The head table set up.
A very touching speech/welcoming from the father of the Bride.
Their first dance.
The Cupid Shuffle.
Me, Nick, Chrissy & Casey.

Congrats to Nick & Chrissy. I wish you and your families all the best!

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