Sunday, September 12, 2010

Facebook or Not to Facebook?

Hello All: Again, I find myself way behind with my blogging responsibilities. These detailed individual blog posts about the weddings that I DJ seem to take way to much time. Therefore, I think I will simplify my personal online social presence and maybe jump on the 500 Million strong band wagon and join Facebook. I can't believe I've avoided it this long....but I think the time has come. Or has it? If I make the jump, my little bloggosphere here will just fizzle out. I hope you can all handle it. I'm off to ponder...Facebook or Not to Facebook?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yeah, I'm behind, but not blind. (whatever that means) it just rhymes

Hello All: Yup, I am yet again behind in blogging about my weddings and life events. Maybe I've been to busy playing around on the Internet....finding stuff like this. (see below) Thanks for sending it my way Dad! - Good stuff. So instead of describing the last 4 weddings I've DJ'ed, here is a funny YouTube vid about Parma. Enjoy!