Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Back weekend events!

Hello All: This weekend has been another doosie. Very busy, yet very fun. I had to exceptional weddings this weekend (Friday & Saturday) and they both had a guest list over 300...which always makes for a great event. Here is a very-very brief run down on each night and who I had the pleasure of working with, plus some junky iPhone photo's. Enjoy!
Day One:
Friday July 24th, 2009
Windows On The River (Brideview Room)
Wedding for: Jessica and Drew
Photographer: Suzanna West Photography
DJ: yup, you guessed it: ME! - DJ Scott E. Jones / Jerry Bruno Productions.

Kickin' Cake!
Rockin Dance Floor!
A Super Jazzed & Happy Bride & Groom!
Day Two:
Saturday July 25th, 2009
The Metro Club - Sammy's (21st Floor of Huntington Bldg.)
Wedding for: Melanie and Josh
Photographer: Steven Gusky
DJ: yup, you guessed it: ME Again! - DJ Scott E. Jones / Jerry Bruno Productions.

Guest Table.
The Whole Room View.
The Massive Head Table.
Congrats to both of my happy couples. I wish you all the best.
Congrats Jessica & Drew and Melanie & Josh.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hot Wedding Processional - Check it

Hello All: Happy Friday to everyone. It's gonna be another busy weekend. I have a wedding reception tonight at Windows and tomorrow at The Metro Club. Good times! I have just been inspired. Check out this YouTube video:
I love Weddings! Now go on out there and have your self a kickin' weekend!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kickin' Wedding weekend: July 17th & July 18th.

Hello All: This has been a great weekend for so many reasons, but the weddings were the icing on the cake. I had the pleasure of DJ'ing two great weddings for two amazing couples, both very different, but both very generous, classy and fun. It's a weekend I will not soon forget.

Here's the skinny on the weekend and vendors I had the pleasure of collaborating with.
(along with a couple of iPhone quality pics)

Friday, July 17th, 2009:
Dana & Noel
Venue: Cleveland Browns Stadium
Event Planner: Valarie Kirkbirde (Kirkbrides Event Planning)
Ceremony/Cocktail Music: Will Chesier (Singer/Guitarist)
Photography: EasyWind Studios
Videography: Moonstruck
DJ: Of course me! - DJ Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions
Special Moment: Dana set up a surprise serenade to his new wife right after the grand entrance. Song of choice: "It Had To Be You". - Nicely done Dana!
Me at an empty Browns Stadium
Yummy Cup-Cakes Galore!
My DJ set up overlooking Lake Erie.
A nice dancing crowd.
Dana, Noel & I.
Saturday July 18th, 2009
Jennifer & David
Venue: Silver Grille / Ritz Carlton
Event Planner: At Last Events (Amy Hissa)
Cocktail Music: Ilya S. (Solo Pianist) - Jerry Bruno Productions
Photography: New Image (Jonathon Koslen)
Videography: Effects Video
Photo booth: Shutterbooth
DJ: Of course me! - DJ Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions
Special Moment: Their first dance was well choreographed and well danced. They choose a hip version of "Beyond The Sea" - By Royal Crown Review. They both did an amazing job and the guests sure did show them some love.
Table centerpieces.
My DJ set up at Silver Grille.

Jen, David & I.

Congrats to Jennifer & David as well as Dana & Noel!

It was a great pleasure to be a part of your amazing wedding receptions. I wish you all the best that life has to offer!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh "Bella" - Where art thou "Bella"?

Hello All: Okay, I don't know how many potential brides actually find my own little piece of the world wide web here...but hey, if you do, please take heed to my advice:

Recently (July 11Th) I worked with a photography studio called "Bella" and it was not the best experience of my life. I debated whether or not I would mention to anyone at all, but after a few days of thinking about it, I had to put it down my blog it is.

Photographers are an integral part of every reception. They need to photograph and document the celebration and events. Well, this past weekend the photographer missed the Bouquet Toss....not because he & she (names withheld because I don't know their actual names) weren't there, but because they were packing up to leave. - You see, the bride & groom booked the photographers until 9:00PM. (yes, early by most standards)

Now, before I finish my little complaint, I have to tell you that during our quick vendor meal and discussion I promised the photographers I would be done with all the formalities before 9:00PM or just a few minutes after. (which is very early) They were okay with it...or so I thought.

At 8:58 pm, Videographer ready (Mystic Image/scheduled until 10:00PM) I walked over to the photographer and said, "Bouquet Toss in 30 seconds, end of this song", and I expected to hear: "perfect, great timing", instead I got a short cold, "brush-me-off" kind of response: "To late, I'm outta here"....and they packed up their bags and left the venue and reception.

I'm a little peeved....I'm a little peeved for my bride & groom. Yes, I know, Mystic Image was able to get the whole thing on video...but couldn't the photographers have stayed just 2/3 minutes more to get "FULL-COVERAGE" of this event?

Bella Photography, from what I understand now, is a national company that may be cheaper then some of the PROFESSIONAL local companies, but they are just photographers (not always pros) tossed together to "fill-the-date". The individual shooters have no vested interest in the results, photos themselves or the bride & groom.

Moral of my story: Beware of "Bella".....Where art thou Bella?...oh wait, it's 9pm. Their gone!

Good Luck with your plans!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Mazzola - Vales Wedding on July 11th, 2009

Hello All: This past weekend (Saturday July 11th) was a kickin' one. Not only was it a beautiful Saturday afternoon I got to work with one of my favorite vendors in the Cleveland wedding market: Mystic Image Video - Click Here.

Vince and Elizabeth had the night of their lives. It was a stellar evening complete with my new favorite song: "I'm On A Boat" - Lonely Island. (of course the clean version) - Here is the "dirty version" - Click Here. - Vince and Elizabeth are huge fans of this spoof/comedy song and so were their closest friends. I could have played "I'm On A Boat" 10 days on Saturday and no one would have complained. (but I only played it 2x).

Their reception was held at the very hip Hilton Garden Inn of Twinsburg. - Click Here. Kathy Pansmith her and staff always provide amazing service. If your planning a wedding, please go check them out. The food is in my top 5 of Cleveland.

Here are some quick iPhone quality pics of the digs.

Room view.
Table set up.
Cake/View of DJ set up.
"I'm On A Boat" - Lonely Island - dancing!

Congrats to Elizabeth & Vince Vales!