Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Nicholas & Christina @ Windows

Hello All: This past weekend I found myself back at Windows on the River. My new second home. I love this place. The staff, the venue, the views, the food. It's a great venue for a wedding reception. Nick & Chrissy had a stunning reception planned for 180 guests. They held the affair in Cityview Room and brought in some stellar vendors to boot. Their guests came ready to party and definitely had their dancing shoes on.

Here's the details that made the event a huge success:

Date: Saturday October 24th, 2009
Venue: Windows on the River (Cityview Room)
Event Planner: Brenda from Catans Fashions.
Video: A family friend, but he did not miss a beat
DJ: Yup, you betcha: Me - DJ Scott E. Jones ( Jerry Bruno Productions )
Memorable Moment: After we completed the garter removal and toss, Chrissy and Nick agreed: We had to do the "reversal". So we all had some good fun as we witnessed two complete strangers get intimate with the garter as the lucky single guy had the honor of placing the garter on the leg of a single lady. It's a fact: For every inch about the knee the garter gets placed it is supposed to be 7 years good luck in the newlyweds marriage. So push it up high! The lucky candidates were very fun and did it with class.

My supurb iPhone photos:

The table settings (1/2 off the room)
The head table set up.
A very touching speech/welcoming from the father of the Bride.
Their first dance.
The Cupid Shuffle.
Me, Nick, Chrissy & Casey.

Congrats to Nick & Chrissy. I wish you and your families all the best!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Morgan & Adam @ Windows

Hello All: Day number 2 of this past weekends festivities was very unique...and memorable for sure. Morgan and Adam are a great couple. They are very much in love. Anyone in attendance could see that. Aside from the many kisses prompted by the clanking of the glasses, they could not keep their lips off of each other. It was very refreshing to see two people so much in love. Their entire bridal party and parents were unbelievably fun, welcoming and energetic. Morgan & Adam really wanted their wedding reception to be at Windows and they also wanted it on Sweetest Day weekend, so when the Cityview Room was only available on Sunday Night....they scooped it up. The reception was quaint, 85 guests, but we partied like it was set for a couple hundred.

The details, 411, the skinny, along with my stellar iPhone photos:

The Date: Sunday October 18th, 2009
Photographer: Adam's father
No Professional Video: But there were a couple of active family members with video camera's documenting the affair
Memorable Moment: One of Adam's groomsmen is also an Akron cop. So, as a surprise to family and friends ( to spice things up ) - just as Adam was about to do the garter removal, the Akron cop crashed our party, hand-cuffed Adam and forced him to remove and toss the garter by using his mouth only. Note: This was not my idea, but it certainly went over well. Everyone cheered as Adam struggled under the big white gown while digging for the elusive garter. He even tossed it to the hand full of single guys by getting a running start and whipping his head and tossing the garter from his mouth. (See iPhone pic below for crappy picture of how it all went down)


This is what makes Windows on the River..."Windows" #1
This is what makes Windows on the River..."Windows" #2
A screen shot of the bride & groom's "formals" music list. (notice the first song: Grand Entrance: "I'm On A Boat" - Lonely Island & T-Pain) - Fur real.
My super-duper-dj-rig.
Umm, Yeah, more cake!
Their first dance. Cool city lights in the background.
The arrest during the garter removal. (Sorry for the fuzzy shot)
Dancin' the Night away. (Sunday night that is)
Congrats to Morgan & Adam. Congrats on your new home too.

Fox & Cook @ Courthouse

Hello All: Finally, my last double weekend of the year. It has come and gone. I feel relieved and sad at the same time. I'm ready for winter. Bring it on. This past Saturday Night (October 17Th) was kickin'. Have you ever had that feeling that you just know somebody, even if you don't. Well that's how Sean and Nora made everyone feel. They were a very cool couple to work with and DJ for. It was a great way to start of a very busy weekend. This Football fanatic couple spared no-expense. Here's the goods on the celebration:

Date: Saturday October 17th, 2009
Venue: Cleveland Courthouse
Photographer: Easywind Studio's (Scott)
Video: Mystic Image (Lana)
DJ: Ah, yeah, Me - Scott E. Jones ( Jerry Bruno Productions )
Memorable Moment: Sean & Nora used "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC for their bridal party grand entrance and then we changed it up to "The Monday Night Football Theme" for just their entrance. The Bride and Groom surprised their family & friends by being introduced sporting opposing Browns/Steelers Jerseys! I will not confirm which of them was the Pittsburgh fan (for their safety) but it's true!

Here's some iPhone photo's of the shin-dig:

The Courthouse L1 Bose set up with my assistant: Casey.
Long curvy head table.
Classy table setting, love the natural colors.
The amazing Courthouse view.
The incomparable : Lana! - Mystic Image rock'in the cams.
Yum! Cake.
Sean & Nora's first dance.
Yes, I was playing: "Party In The USA". (Put your hands up!)
I love when huge circles form and a "stayin' alive strut" occurs.
Congrats to Sean & Nora! I wish you all the best.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nicole & Michael @ Sheraton

Hello All: Day two of last weekend was flippin' fantastic. Nicole and Michael were two of the most fun people I have ever DJ'ed for. Nicole is artistic, full of life and super easy to talk to. Her and Michael make a perfect match. The newlyweds had a very formal, very quaint reception (less the 100 guests). Everything was done to the "9's". The table settings, linen's, vendors, food, candy table, cake..etc. It was all stellar. The event was smaller but the guests partied big time. I could not keep them off the dance floor. It was so good...they even danced to "Soulja Boy's: Crank That". - Good times.

Here are the Good Times details on this stylish celebration:

Date: Saturday October 10th, 2009.
Photographer: 831 Photography
DJ: Ahh.. Do you have to ask: Me! - Scott E. Jones/Jerry Bruno Productions
Memorable Moment(s): The dancing, the dancing and the dancing...oh and the candy table...and the cake cutting: Nicole and Michael really smashed the cake...everywhere! It was super fun. (Have not seen that in a while).

More photos: iPhone style:

The smallish dance floor. Single L1 set up. Worked perfectly.
I love candy tables. This one was the best. (Snickers, M&M's, Laffy Taffy..etc)
This cake was designed (Not made) by Nicole herself.
Table setting/design.
The long (narrow) dinning room.
The view outside the "Cuyaghoa Room".
Vendors working hard: Bob (Focus On You Video) and Shannon (831 Photography)
Haven't played this one in a while: "Crank That" - Soulja Boy!
Best wishes to Nicole & Michael! Thanks for being so fun!

Laura & Joe @ Legacy!

Hello All: This past Friday Night ( October 9Th ) I had the pleasure of DJ'ing for a very fun, down-to-earth couple. Joe & Laura were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were definitely ready to have a good time...and so were their guests. The held the reception at the very hip Sammy's @ Legacy Village. I love this space. It's new(er), trendy, great location and amazing Sammy's food. Donna who manages the space is always a pleasure to work with.

Here's the skinny on the swaray.

Date: October 9Th, 2009.
Venue: Sammy's @ Legacy Village.
Photographer: Bishop Photography
DJ: Me...of course! DJ Scott E. Jones ( Jerry Bruno Productions )
Memorable Event: The amazing toast that the maid of honor (sister of the bride) provided at the start of dinner. It had everyone laughing, engaged and teary eyed all at the same time. It was done in a poetic style and she not only professed her love for her sister but also "roasted" her to no end. It was fantastic...maybe one of the best toasts all year. Well done.

Here are my amazingly amazing iPhone photos. Enjoy!

Close up table shot.
The ballroom set up.
The kickin' cake.
Their first dance.
Doin' the "Cupid Shuffle".
Congrats to Joe & Laura!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Simon + Maria + Avon Oaks

Hello All: This past Saturday was spent like most of my Saturday nights: At a kickin' wedding reception. I never had a chance to meet the bride & groom until the Thursday before their wedding, but @ that moment I knew we were going to have a good time. Maria & Simon chose one of my favorite (yet rarely used) songs for their grand entrance: "You're the Best" - Joe Esposito ( think Karate Kid ). The entire night went off without a hitch. Maria & Simon were the first of their friends to get married and were definitely up to the challenge of setting the tone of their reception. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves and I'm hoping that over the next several years their close friends from college will keep me in mind! :)

The Details:

The Date: October 3rd, 2009
The Venue: Avon Oaks CC.
The Photog: Not sure, he was a nice guy, but came from Grand Rapids Michigan. He left without saying goodbye and I forgot to grab his business card. Oh well.
The DJ: ME - DJ Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions
Memorable Moment: Well, again their were two of them: 1. The Maid of Honor who flew in from Brazil spoke just briefly for her toast. She was very nervous and the only thing I could understand was "I Love You"...she was speaking in Portuguese. 2. The groomsmen insisted I play "I'm On A Boat" - Lonely Island, which I happily busted into.

Here are some quick iPhone pics of this shin-dig. Plus a video snip it from the start of the "open dancing". Enjoy!

The set up: My assistant Casey preparing.
Do the "Cupid Shuffle"!
Maria & Simon. Great looking couple!
The first "open dance" song. "Run Around Sue" - Dion (video)

Congrats to Maria & Simon. Have fun in Hawaii!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hilton Anniversary Event.

Hello All: This past Friday Night (October 2nd) was definitely a night to remember. I was selected to DJ one of the biggest & most elite celebrations in all of Akron. The Hilton Akron West/Fairlawn (owned by Mr. "A") had a reason to celebrate. The Hotel marked a momentous occasion with a momentous event. Mr. "A's" property just turned 40 years old.

At first thought, you might ask, "why is this such a big event?" Well, 40 years marks the longest running single hotel property owned by one individual in the WORLD. (Yes, I said World). Hilton Hotel's and Mr. A went all out. They put together one heck of a celebration which served two purposes: 1. Celebrate 40 years, & 2. Raise Money for the Stephen A. Comunale Jr., Foundation. It was a huge success.

Each of the main spaces within the hotel was given it's own theme which was crafted to perfection by their own talented Florist and Designers. I was set pool side in the "South Beach Room" designed by Stephen M. Tokar. It was AMAZING. check out the views below. (iPhone Quality Pics) - They really do no justice at all. I'm sorry, but I missed taking pics of the other spaces. (darn battery life on my iPhone)

The other talent enlisted for this huge undertaking was: Neil Leeson, Heather Lilly and Prestige Floral, just to name a few. This was all held together and choreographed by the great Eileen Benson (planner)

Check it:

Congrats to Mr. "A" and The Hilton Akron West/Fairlawn on 40 Fabulous Years!
Thanks for having me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Please, just because!

Hello All: - Well, if your reading this blog for the first time or the hundredth, please take a moment to be a part of my survey. The survey is located just to the right of this page. I would really like to know if your a friend, family member, past client, future client or stalker! - Please show me some blog love (aka. comments). Thanks! - Have a great weekend. I'm off to meet the Hilton's! (I hope) Pics to come. ~ Scott.