Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy January Weekend

Hello All: This weekend was a busy weekend for sure. On Saturday Night (January 10th) I found myself back downtown along with the snow-storm @ Windows On The River (Cityview Room) for the wedding of Liz Guard and Neil Sellers. It was a great night of music. Neil's family is from Kentucky and not only did everyone make it in for the celebration despite the weather but I got to play lots of country favorites like Zac Brown's new one "Chicken Fried" (Good times). Below is another great iphone quality picture of their first dance. (Brad Paisley's "She's Everything")
On Sunday January 11th Jerry Bruno Productions participated in the 17th Annual Q-104 Bridal Show at The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. There was a fantastic turn out (again despite the weather were having) and I even got hang out with Q-104's Alan Fee.
Be sure to look out for our Bridal Show booth, featured below, the next time your at a bridal show! - We hope to see you soon.
Stay Warm Everyone! :)

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  1. Seems to be a really busy enjoyable weekend. My friend is planning her sister’s engagement party at one of the marvellous Seattle venues next month. Also looking for experienced wedding planner for the wedding in a couple of months.


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