Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dentist Day!

Hello All: Well, on Friday morning the boys had to visit the dentist for a check up and cleaning. I was a bit worried how they would handle things but the whole process went way better then I expected. Dr. Gindi is an amazing pediatric dentist. He is so good with this kids and his office and staff are top notch. Visit his web site: Below are pictures of both Mason & Maddox after a successful visit. On a side note: Dr. Gindi's wife - Marissa, also works at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in the Catering/Events department. We all know Marissa very well from being in the wedding "biz". What a small world! They are good people.

Cavity Count: Mason - 0 & Maddox - 4 (rot oh)
Mason & Dr. Daniel GindiMaddox & Dr. Daniel Gindi


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