Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Hello All: The past 5 days have been amazingly relaxin'. I have done nothing but sit on the beach with my boys, hang with old friends, play solitare, rummy, read a book and barefoot (water ski). I was not in the mood to take pics or even turn on the puter until I got home an hour ago and realized it's back to reality on Monday morning. Now that I sit here and type this (wife is napping again *vacation = sleep time for wifey*) I am realizing how much I hate getting back to normal. What a downer.

Oh well. I wonder how much of a downer it will be when we finally make it to Hawaii for two weeks and then have to come back to reality, maybe that's why most couples who go to Hawaii do it during they don't have to have that feeling. I guess we'll wait until then as well. The laundry just buzzed...time to fold. Enjoy your lazy Sunday afternoon.

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