Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kirkbride - Falvey Wedding

Hello All: Well, this weekend was big, no wait, it was huge! I had the honor of DJ'ing for a fellow, respected wedding industry professional: Valarie Kirkbride from "Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design". If you've never heard of her and her company, check them out by clicking here. They always do a stellar job, but this past Saturday (August 15Th) was way beyond all expectations, I think even Valarie was surprised and delighted with the way the whole evening turned out.
The theme was "Carnival Nights" and she took it to the 10Th degree. Everything about her wedding reception made me think I was on a set in a movie or at some high profile celebrity wedding. She did not miss one single element. It was Valarie and her associates at their best and a good time was had by all. My assistant Casey was very fond of the cookies and Carmel Apples. The popcorn for a late night snack was a great idea too.
The event was jam packed with a ton of details and events that I had to choreograph and control. I was the evenings designated DJ and MC even though they also hired a band to play as well. The band and I worked well together and we created a seamless presentation of music, dancing and entertainment.
Here is a run down of all the talented vendors Valarie choose to use on the most important wedding she has ever planned. (her own) Check them out. They are some of the industries finest:

Linens: L'Nique
Photography: Easy Wind Studios

With all the chaos of the multi-room set up, working with a band and the extreme heat I was slightly off my photographic iPhone game last night. I only remembered to get two shots. The first pic below is of Valarie and Jimmy's first dance: "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green. (Great song choice). The second pic below was an after thought and I grabbed the closest drunk guest at the end of the wedding and asked him to take a quick pic before he dropped my iPhone on the dance floor. Great quality, I know! Congrats to Valarie and Jimmy. Have fun in Riviera Maya.

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