Tuesday, August 25, 2009

JK Divorce Entrance Dance

Hello All: I had to share this. A couple of weeks back another wedding YouTube sensation swept the nation: "JK's Wedding Entrance Dance", which quickly received millions of hits. (21,803,071 views as of this blog post to be exact) I myself am guilty of watching it a 1/2 dozen times alone. It is a great video captured at the wedding ceremony for "JK". Very fun and very inspirational. You can see the original version by clicking here.

Not to long ago "JK" put out the "JK Divorce Entrance Dance". - A follow up sequel to the original and all in good fun, not for real. - Check it by clicking here. This is an amazing video as well and very fun to watch, again I have watched it 1/2 dozen times already.

Enjoy some fun!

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