Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Back weekend events!

Hello All: This weekend has been another doosie. Very busy, yet very fun. I had to exceptional weddings this weekend (Friday & Saturday) and they both had a guest list over 300...which always makes for a great event. Here is a very-very brief run down on each night and who I had the pleasure of working with, plus some junky iPhone photo's. Enjoy!
Day One:
Friday July 24th, 2009
Windows On The River (Brideview Room)
Wedding for: Jessica and Drew
Photographer: Suzanna West Photography
DJ: yup, you guessed it: ME! - DJ Scott E. Jones / Jerry Bruno Productions.

Kickin' Cake!
Rockin Dance Floor!
A Super Jazzed & Happy Bride & Groom!
Day Two:
Saturday July 25th, 2009
The Metro Club - Sammy's (21st Floor of Huntington Bldg.)
Wedding for: Melanie and Josh
Photographer: Steven Gusky
DJ: yup, you guessed it: ME Again! - DJ Scott E. Jones / Jerry Bruno Productions.

Guest Table.
The Whole Room View.
The Massive Head Table.
Congrats to both of my happy couples. I wish you all the best.
Congrats Jessica & Drew and Melanie & Josh.

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