Monday, August 31, 2009

Ruchalski - Bolek Wedding

Hello All: This past weekend I had the pleasure of DJ'ing at Severance Hall. What a great venue! I have not been there in a few years. The last time I provided my personal set of DJ skills in that venue was back before Sammy's took over the catering side of things. Let me tell you, Sammy's did not disappoint!

The bride & groom: Michael & Tina, invited 100 of their closest friends, family and colleagues together to join in the celebration of their marriage. The Newlyweds spared no expense. Here are the details on the stellar event:

Florist: Heather Lily
Limo: A-1 Mr. Limo ( Rolls Royce )
Entertainment: Me of Course! - Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions.

Memorable moment: The groom's two brothers (Matt & James) did a quick, impromptu mini "dance off" that ended with a very poorly executed back spin. Good times!

A huge floral arrangement (Heather Lily)
Just...WOW! (notice my set up of Bose L1's)
The dinning area up stairs.
Cocktails on the mail level.
Dancing the night away (back on the main level)
My happy clients @ nights end! - Tina & Michael.
Congrats to Michael & Tina! I wish you and your families the very best! Thanks for having me be apart of your very special day. (Thanks for sending me the last picture featured above too).


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