Monday, September 14, 2009

Jones - Boutton Wedding ( September 12th )

Hello All: This past Saturday (September 12th, 2009) I had my first experience DJ'ing at The Sheraton Crown Plaza Hotel in Middleburg Hts. It was fantastic. I also had the pleasure of working with a new photographer, Joe Kolecki. (super nice guy) All and all it was a great night. It was an intimate affair with 100 guests and a super fun bridal party.

Here are some of the evenings details along with some very junky iPhone photos. Enjoy:

Photographer: Joe Kolecki
Video Montage: Memory Productions
Memorable Moment: The groom (Jeff) at one point in the evening brought up a CD for me to play and asked me to play "Track 5" - (Note, when a bride or groom brings up a CD and asks me to play it...I play it...without question) Well, 30 seconds into the song it became VERY vulgar and my first thought was turn it off....turn it off, but hey, it was the groom who gave me the CD, so I let it least until he promptly and embarrassingly (hey is that a word) came over and asked me to skip to track 8....which also ended up being full of nasty language as well...we gave up on the CD after that.

Photo time:

My Dual Bose L1 set up.
A table setting.
The head table. Bride & Groom center and elevated!
Yumm, Cake.
A surprise video montage just after dinner. (Memory Productions)
Small group, dancing it up. (100 guests in attendance)
Congrats to Jeff & Karen. Thanks for rockin' with me!

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  1. hahaha, I like your new memorable moment stories. I especially like this one: "We gave up on the CD after that". Made me laugh out loud. :-)


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