Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heminger - Plantner Reception 9-6-09

Hello All: Night number two of my Labor Day weekend DJ extravaganza was for a fellow North Olmsted High School Graduate. Good times! Brian & Megan put on one heck of a show, literally! They had an entire night prepared with elements that kept me and here guests busy all night long. I'm 100% positive that their guests enjoyed every minute of it. The evening was topped off with a last dance song of "Kokomo" - Beach Boys. (They are heading to Aruba for their Honeymoon).

Here are the details from this major production.
(Megan would get a kick out of me referring to her wedding as a "production".)
According to her family, she is a bit over the top!

Ceremony Venue: Severance Hall
Photographer: Ken Blaze Photography
Video: 2nd Mile (check their blog for the same day edit. Amazing!)
Cocktail & Dinner Music: Travelin' Johnsons (Jerry Bruno Productions)
DJ/Reception Music/MC service: ME - DJ Scott E. Jones
Memorable Moment: There were many, the most touching moment was when Megan surprised her mom by changing into her mom's wedding gown from the 70's to dance with her father during the "father/daughter" dance. There were a lot of tears!

Wow - That's a lot of tables!

The feathery centerpieces.
My Dual Bose L1 Set up.
The Travelin' Johnsons (Phil & Wes) - They jammed for cocktail & dinner hours.
Father Daughter Dance.
(Bride wearing her mom's wedding dress (surprise) from the 70's)
Them there are some kicking white chocolate strawberries.
The ceremonial cake cutting with guests gathered. Cake cutting on the "Euclid Rotunda" within the Hyatt.
Brian (Groom) and groomsmen were getting down, I don't remember what song I was playing at this moment, but it was pretty flippin funny.
Party time @ The Hyatt Regency Cleveland Hotel!
Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Peanut! Have fun in Aruba!


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