Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fox 8 Voting Under Way! I want your vote!

Hello All: For the past two years, Jerry Bruno Productions has placed Third in the Cleveland Wedding Music category of the Fox 8 Hot List Contest. Pretty good. But with over 22 bands, 18 DJs, and countless other groups, acts, and musicians as well as over 1,500 happy clients per year, we’re pretty sure we could reach first or second place this time.
It’s so easy to help us reach our goal. Simply click the yellow “Vote” button on our page at the Hot List contest site. You may have to register quickly, but you will not be spammed.
Voting ends November 6 and we will post the results as soon as they are announced. Thank you!

Please VOTE, VOTE and VOTE again. Tell your friends too! Okay, now go back to work.

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