Monday, September 14, 2009

Bogart - Bohrer Wedding (September 13th)

Hello All: I really really love Sunday afternoon weddings. Plus I really love any wedding that includes a bride as fun as Stacey. She was always so easy to talk to on the phone, cheerful and full of life. She put a smile on my face every time we spoke about her wedding music & reception. Her and Jason make a stellar couple. Love was definitely in the air.

Here's who got involved:

Venue: Landerhaven (East Ballroom)
Photography: BCR Studios (Brad)
DJ: Me, Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions
Memorable Moment: The whole event was a memorable moment! This was a traditional Jewish reception on a Sunday afternoon and the guests danced as if it were 11:00 PM on a Saturday night. I mean, just look at the pics below. It's the middle of the afternoon (on a Sunday) and the bride, groom and their families were really cutting a rug. I couldn't keep them off the dance floor. It was super sweet!

Now on to some pics! Check em out...get inspired.

Cake, yeah!
Ahh, Flowers.
Brunch is served. (East Ballroom)
A second-first dance: "Ribbon In The Sky"
Hava Nagila!
Last song of the afternoon: "Piano Man" (It always has this effect)
Congrats to The Newlyweds Stacey & Jason.

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