Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Bowling!

Hello All: Today Denise and I took the boys to Freeway Lanes in Parma. It was a surprise "fun" trip for the boys. We all had a great time. Thank God for bumper bowling! We all played two games and the strange thing is, both Mason & I matched our scores from the previous games. It was pretty weird. Maddox is a "slow" bowler. After he would push the ball down the lane, he would have enough time walk back the chairs, climb up on the chair, sit down, eat a chip, grab a drink and then look back....just as the ball was hitting the pins. According to the bowling alley scoreboard Maddox was tossing his ball down the lane at the supersonic speeds of 1.15 miles per hour. They are already asking to go back again! - Time to get ready to hang with the family this Christmas Eve. - Be Well. Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! Some pics:

The Scoreboard!

Denise - Mason & Maddox - Smile!

All of us. - Thanks for the nice lady bowling at Lane 6!

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