Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Voit - Crow Wedding @ The Club

Hello All: On Saturday December 19Th I found myself back at one of my favorite venue's in Cleveland. The Club @ Key Center is always a great venue for a wedding reception, plus during the month of December they really go above and beyond with some amazing Christmas decorations as well. It was very classy and very festive. The reception was for a truly wonderful couple who I had a great time planning with. Catherine & Andrew tied the knot at The Club as well. Here are some of the major details of this Winter Soiree.

Date: Saturday December 19Th, 2009
Venue: The Club @ Key Center
Photographer: Bishop Photography (Lori)
Santa Claus: Father of the Bride
Memorable Moment(s): Why is it that I can never come up with just one moment, this wedding was jammed full of fun. Here's are just a few things that I will always remember: 1. During the first dance Katie was very much into the moment, she was singing along, dancing and being playful with Andrew. It was very fun to watch. 2. The overly aggressive cake smashing that occurred just after the cake cutting. 3. The surprise visit from Santa Claus for the youngsters in attendance at the wedding. 4. The brides' twin-cousins (Ashley & Meghan age 7) sang "Love Story" by Taylor Swift to the bride and groom ( the whole song ). I have never seen anything so cute at a wedding in my entire professional career. It was awesome and the girls received a huge round of applause. 5. The anniversary dance was also super special. The final three couples were all Grandparents of the bride & groom. Celebrating 49, 50 and 65 years respectfully. Simply jaw-dropping, a true inspiration.

Now on to my iPhone photo's. Yeah you love em'.

Centerpiece ( style 1 )
Centerpiece (style 2)
Table Design.
Kickin DJ BOSE L1 Rig.
The Cake!
The first dance: "Everything" - Michael Buble style.
Doing the "Cupid Shuffle".
These pics are super cool. I just happen to take this photo just as the real photog did her thing. I caught part of her flash in my image.
Catherine & Andrew at nights end.
Congrats to Andrew & Catherine! Thanks for having me be a part of your winter wonderland wedding! I wish you all the best!


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