Sunday, January 3, 2010

Katie + Gill @ Botanical on NYE

Hello All: I hope everyone is having a great New Years. Happy 2010! I spent the last night of 2009 DJ'ing at a very unique wedding reception. Katie and Gill are a great couple. They were married 3 months ago in Israel in a very religious ceremony. This reception was for Katie's family and friends who could not be in attendance during their Israel ceremony. This was a mini-ceremony & celebration to help celebrate their marriage. Katie & Gill kept everything very simple for religious reasons. They only did a few of the standard wedding reception formalities: Cake Cutting, A few toasts and a Father/Daughter Dance. There wasn't even a First Dance. With a little creativity and a core group of super fun dancers we kept the dancing going until just after we rung in the New Year. I always feel revived and uplifted at a wedding reception on New Years Eve. It's electrifying! (regardless of the guest count)

Here are the details on the NYE event:

Date: December 31st, 2009.
Photographer: Imagen Photography (Nathan)
Memorable Moment(s): The toasts. All four of the toasts were amazing. You could really feel the love and dedication to the bride, groom and their families. They were all very funny and touching as well. The last dance of the night was also a huge crowd pleaser. What is with college grads and their love for the song "Laid" by James? It never fails!

My rockin' NYE iPhone photos:

Table settings.
The cake.
Single L1 Set up in the cocktail area.
Single L1 Set up in dinning room.
The room view.
A heartfelt, funny and touching toast from the FOB (Father of Bride)
A pretty full dance floor with a reception of only 90 guests.
Congrats to Katie & Gill. I wish you all the best as you start your family in Israel.

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