Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh "Bella" - Where art thou "Bella"?

Hello All: Okay, I don't know how many potential brides actually find my own little piece of the world wide web here...but hey, if you do, please take heed to my advice:

Recently (July 11Th) I worked with a photography studio called "Bella" and it was not the best experience of my life. I debated whether or not I would mention to anyone at all, but after a few days of thinking about it, I had to put it down my blog it is.

Photographers are an integral part of every reception. They need to photograph and document the celebration and events. Well, this past weekend the photographer missed the Bouquet Toss....not because he & she (names withheld because I don't know their actual names) weren't there, but because they were packing up to leave. - You see, the bride & groom booked the photographers until 9:00PM. (yes, early by most standards)

Now, before I finish my little complaint, I have to tell you that during our quick vendor meal and discussion I promised the photographers I would be done with all the formalities before 9:00PM or just a few minutes after. (which is very early) They were okay with it...or so I thought.

At 8:58 pm, Videographer ready (Mystic Image/scheduled until 10:00PM) I walked over to the photographer and said, "Bouquet Toss in 30 seconds, end of this song", and I expected to hear: "perfect, great timing", instead I got a short cold, "brush-me-off" kind of response: "To late, I'm outta here"....and they packed up their bags and left the venue and reception.

I'm a little peeved....I'm a little peeved for my bride & groom. Yes, I know, Mystic Image was able to get the whole thing on video...but couldn't the photographers have stayed just 2/3 minutes more to get "FULL-COVERAGE" of this event?

Bella Photography, from what I understand now, is a national company that may be cheaper then some of the PROFESSIONAL local companies, but they are just photographers (not always pros) tossed together to "fill-the-date". The individual shooters have no vested interest in the results, photos themselves or the bride & groom.

Moral of my story: Beware of "Bella".....Where art thou Bella?...oh wait, it's 9pm. Their gone!

Good Luck with your plans!


  1. Scott...that's the sad part of our industry, photography included. You just don't leave with the job unfinished. While we have limited and hourly coverages, working with the DJ is important. And, you did your job to make sure you accomodated both the bride and groom along with the photographer. I've worked with you before, and you're great to be with. But gosh, why couldn't they stay for 5 more minutes?? You hit it on the head...Bella has NO vested interest in the relationship with their customers. They're a photo factory. I have my certifications and I'll bet any other of my "real" Ohio and PPA Certified professionals would ever leave without the job being done. Thank goodness Mystic Image did the job right. Those guys are great, having worked with them before also. Great post....hope to see you at a reception soon.

    Ladd Scavnicky
    M.Photog., Ohio & PPA Certified
    North Bay Portrait Design
    Mentor, OH

  2. Scott, Thank you for this great post. You really hit the nail on the head when you said, "The individual shooters have no vested interest in the results, photos themselves or the bride & groom". That's the unfortunate truth with Bella (Otherwise known as "Something Blue").

    As with many photographers, I'm typically contracted by hour, however there have been many times I've stayed an additional 10-15 minutes to catch the garter/bouquet toss as a courtesy. Unfortunately, a wedding day doesn't always run according to schedule (most don't) and sometimes vendors should extend this type of service because they have their clients' best interest at heart.

    I'm glad you wrote this. I hope it enlightens.

    - Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Pruitt Photography

  3. Hello Ladd and Elizabeth: Thanks for your comments on my blog post "Oh Bella". I truly believe that a wedding reception runs much better when the outside vendors (photog, dj, video) all work together as a team...Bella/"Something Blue" are def. not team players. Best wishes in the rest of your 2009 wedding season.

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