Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend Anticipation! I love it!

Hello All: This upcoming weekend is going to be killer. Starting with my best friends (Dan & Rina Luzius) flying in from Seattle on Friday morning @ 6:15am. - Then it's a rehearsal dinner for one of our best friends Adam Pidcock who is marrying to the most perfect girl for Adam! Sara is definitely his match made in heaven. The wedding is on Saturday and I am helping them with their music as a thank you for Adam helping me six years ago at my wedding with the food. (Adam grew up a catering man) Then on Sunday, Denise, Mason, Maddox, Rina & Dan Luzius and I are heading southbound for some summer fun at our cottage on Chippewa Lake. Plus it's mom Mom's birthday! Yay - Cake and Ice Cream! - I love weekends like this...I can't wait. Pics to come for sure, if I remember! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

L-R (Dan, Adam, Me)
L-R (Dan, Rina, Sara, Adam, Me)

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