Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tripple Weekend

Hello All: Okay, so i'm still recovering from this past weekend. It was a killer! I had weddings on June 12th, 13th and 14th last weekend. My body is still paying for it, but boy it was a great weekend. Here is a brief spotlight look at where I was at and who I was working with:

  • June 12th: The Kennedy / Carson Wedding @ The Hyatt Regency Arcade
  • Photographer: Genevieve & James Nisly - Click Here.
  • Florist: Heather Lilly - Click Here.

  • June 13th: The Newcommer / Lacera Wedding @ The Botanical Gardens
  • Singer/Performer for first dance: Michael Harvey
  • Reverand: Horton Heap
  • Photographer: Melissa Rudick - Click Here.
  • Event Planner: Emilie Duncan - Click Here.

  • June 14th: The Even / Shulman Wedding @ The Ritz Carlton Cleveland
  • Kosher Caterer: Davis Caterers - Click Here.
  • Photographer: New Image Photography - Johnathon Koslen - Click Here.
  • Videographer: Effects Video - Click Here.

Sorry, No pics from this past weekend. It was way to busy to think about taking any photos, but trust me, all of these weddings were 5 Star Events. - It was a great weekend. If you want to see some professional shots, just visit the above listed photographers for each event and check out their own blogs. The photos that the pros take are amazing!

Congrats to all my brides & grooms:

Asherith & Dan, Megan & Jorge and Meghan & Matt!

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