Saturday, June 13, 2009

Delayed Weekend Recovery

Hello All: Okay, so it is now a week after the much anticipated weekend of June 6Th and I am still not fully recovered, or maybe that was the wedding I DJ'ed last night @ The Hyatt? Last weekend was by far one of the best and most entertaining weekends I have had in a very long time. The combination of Mason's first Tee Ball Game, my good buddy's rehearsal dinner, Wedding ceremony & reception and then the most perfect day at the cottage with my bestest friends in the whole world really made for one hell of a tiring weekend. My mind and body are still paying for all the "fun" we had. Here are some pretty quick pics from last weekend. Enjoy! I have to get ready for two more weddings this weekend. Wish me luck! Tonight @ Botanical Gardens and Sunday at the Ritz. - Be sure to party like it's 1999!

Perfect day at Chippewa Lake. (Maddox & Mason)
Denise and I dancing at Adam's Wedding
Ed & Randi dancing at Adam's wedding (parents - yes, crazy!)
My best friends dancing @ Adam's wedding (Dan & Rina)
The new Pidcock family: Adam, Sara and Mckenzie
Just before Mason's 1st Tee Ball game. (Dan, Rina & Mason)
Mason's Tee Ball team. (look close, Mason is waving)
Mason waiting for the rest of his team to arrive!

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