Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frolo Wedding @ Metro Club on March 20th

Hello All: First off, Happy 2nd day of Spring! - Man do we need this change of seasons. This has been one very long winter and I'm looking forward to the coming wedding season more then ever. Last night ( I love Friday weddings, especially in March ) I DJ'ed a wedding for a fellow North Olmsted High School Graduate - Mr. Jason Frolo. - It was a stellar evening from start to finish. Jenny and Jason and their entire family were warm and welcoming and made my duties as a DJ a breeze. The dancing lasted all through the night and we rocked out all the way until The Cleveland State University Vikings beat Wake Forest in the first round of the Men's NCAA basketball tourney (the game ended at 12AM). Jason is a high school basketball coach in Bay Village and was especially hyped at the end of the night. - Go Vikings! Congrats to Jenny & Jason Frolo!
more crappy iphone photos:
My dj rig right after set up was complete.
Their cake at the center of the dance floor - yummy!
This is the view from the Metro Club. The Metro Club has the best vistas in any Cleveland venue I have been to. I love the Metro Club's look and vibe. It's very very cool! This picture is just the view from one of maybe 25 large windows that surround the dinning area on 3 sides!

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