Monday, May 25, 2009

A very busy, long holiday weekend!

Hello All: This memorial weekend has been a busy one. It started on Friday when we had a few visitors in from Arizona (Chris, Dana & Caiden) and a mini Cavs game party (what a game - what a shot!). Saturday morning was a paint ball battle at Synergy Field for one of my closest friends (Adam) bachelor party. Then I raced out to Mooreland Mansion for a fantastic little wedding reception for Janessa Mitchel and Tim Therion. The reception was small, intimate and classy. It was a superb event from start to finish with BCR Photography capturing the images of the night. After the reception I made my way out to the "after bachelor party" for Adam at Prices Pub in Westpark. Sunday was a new day and yet another 5th Birthday party for Mason, this one was at our house. Then the Cavs lost, damn - what a bummer. Memorial Monday was a the "standard" trip to Chippewa but we mixed it up a bit with a Relay For Life slushy sale (we made $82.00) and of course another 5th Birthday Party for Mason Jones. Now it's a 11:00 PM on Sunday Night and I just fell asleep in my chair typing this little blog post up. So here's a few wedding pics from Saturday Night @ Mooreland Masion. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend. God Bless our fallen soldiers!

My single L1 setup outside on patio with new Jerry Bruno Productions DJ banner.
The view from the back terrace.
The "Cupid Shuffle".

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