Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shelton - Pucci Wedding @ Windows on the River on 11-15-08

Hello All! Last night I had the honor and privilege to DJ for a great couple: Alison Pucci and Derek Shelton. They created an amazing atmosphere at Windows on the River for their reception. ShutterBooth provided some fun and excitement, I was the DJ/MC for the evening and Z-Media did the documenting of this stellar celebration. What a great night! Derek Shelton is the Cleveland Indians "Hitting Couch" and Alison Pucci was one of Mike Trivisonno's team of on-air personalities. They truly make a great couple. You could see it in their eyes all night long. I also want to thank Denise Shaw (their wedding planner - "Brides Best Friend") for being so easy to work with and also for helping Alison and Derek select me as a their DJ. - THANK YOU! I was able to sneak in a couple of photo-opts with the guests in attendance that evening. Check out some of my favorites below. Until next post - Later all.

Paul Rado & IJason Michaels & I"Big Daddy" - Marty Allen & I Eric Wedge & I
Alison, Derek & I

THANK YOU again Alison & Derek. I hope you had a great evening. Congrats!


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