Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Johnson + Clifford @ Courthouse

Hello All: This past weekend I found myself back at a familiar venue: The Cuyahoga County Courthouse. My office provides entertainment at this venue many, many times per year but I myself have personally been there three times in the last month and a half alone. I'm beginning to really dig it. On Saturday November 14Th Lauren and Scott were blessed with not only a fantastic reception but a beautiful day as well. They could not have picked a better November day for a wedding. I was looking forward to this wedding for many reasons, I truly enjoyed working with Lauren & Scott during the planning process and I need to re-pay RAD by pulling a prank. (which the bride reminded me about). You see, every time Rob (RAD) and I work together he finds some sneaky way to pull a prank...and I never see it coming. This night, I was determined to repay the favor.

Here are the details on this RAD ass event:

Date: Saturday November 14Th, 2009
Venue: Cuyahoga County Courthouse
Florist: Heather Lily
Photog: RAD
DJ: Me, Myself and I. DJ Scott E. Jones - Jerry Bruno Productions

Memorable Moment(s): Again, there were many:
The toast: Done by the brother of the bride (very touching ).
The cake cutting: I have never before seen a bride smash it in her new husbands face so hard and yet the cake filled groom completely restrained, he was very gentle. Way to go Scott.
The Scott Edwards: There were a total of 3 people at the wedding with the same first and middle names: "Scott Edward" (Me, the Groom and a good friend) - how crazy is that?
The Prank: I waited patiently, like LeBron on the court, I waited for the game to come to me, then the opportunity made itself known. Rob and Jackie were seated at a table with the guests and when I noticed Rob had gotten up to take some dinner shots I took the opportunity to sit down with Jackie to make small talk, but really I was stealing Rob's watch that he conveniently left at his seat. I immediately took it to the groom, one of the other Scott Edwards', and he proceeded to put it on for me. It was not until the garter removal that we finally gave a hint (2 plus hours later). Scott and I kept asking Rob if he knew what time it was. Rob was a bit clueless until I pointed at my watch and then he realized he had been had. I think Rob would have left the reception without even knowing had we not given him a few hints. Finally the score is a little more respectable.

Current Prank Tally: Rob 2 - Scott 1.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out these kickin' iPhone quality photo's of the night:

Yeah, my kickin' BOSE L1 set up (dual)
Single table setting. (Bride - Designed)
The extremely large head-table.
Overhead view - dinner service begins.
Me punching Rob Drago. :)
A photographers view: Rob & Jackie - They are RAD.
The pic says it all.
The first dance.
The party is moving now!
Garter Removal.
Last song of the night: "Don't Stop Believing" - Journey (bride & groom choice)
Congrats to Lauren & Scott! I wish you and your families all the best!


  1. scott! we heart you.
    you are #1. i designed those tables by the way, not heatherlily :) credit where credit is due, scott! scott (hubby) keeps grumbling about the lack of polka, but i seem to have convinced him it was because rob was controlling your music. much love! xoxo-Lauren and Scott

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