Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just a little behind.

Hello All: Okay, I have come to terms with the truth. I am in no way a good blogger, but at least I try. The past two and a half weeks have been pretty busy for me and my family. Not only have I DJ'ed at four weddings in three weeks but I have also squeezed in a trip to Disney with my family. If you do the math, that is one weekend off and two weekends with back-to-back weddings. With all the crazy activity I failed to take enough good photo's at each of the weddings I DJ'ed but I also failed at keeping up with their individual wedding blog posts. So here is a mish-mash quick catch up of four weddings and a funeral, err, I mean a trip to Disney (which was super fun with my family and well needed.)

Over the past 4 weddings I got to work at some great venue's and some amazing vendors.

Here are the venues:

Windows On The River (CityView Room)
Carrie Cerino's
The Renaissance (Gold Room)
The Bertram Inn & Conference Center

...and the super fun vendors:

Memory Productions
Bishop Photography
Mystic Image
Terra Sol Studio

Oh, and here are some Random iPhone photos of the last 4 weeks:

June is here! Happy summer everyone.

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