Monday, April 26, 2010

Monica + Edlin @ Michaud's

Hello All: This past weekend I was back at it again. This time the reception was on the smaller side, hahaha, 355 guests and a bridal party (with sponsors included) that totaled 42. Monica and Edlin were two of the nicest people I have DJ'ed for. They were laid back, fun and definitely in love. The whole process was a pleasure.

Here are the details of the event:

Date: Saturday April 24Th, 2010
Photographer: Jose Infante
Memorable Moments: As usual, there were a few: First off, the huge bridal party was definitely a test. The introductions included Parents, Sponsors, Juniors, Bridal Party and the Bride & Groom. Second on the list: The line dancing at this reception was insane (see pic below). They sure loved their line dances. Lastly, the father's of the bride & groom also surprised the happy couple with a duet on guitar and vocals. They sang to the bride & groom about life, love, family support and happiness. It was very touching.

Now on to some pics.

Instead of my usual run down of iPhone photo's of the entire night, here is a transitional look at a huge dance floor. Michaud's Grand Ballroom.

The empty dance floor:
The Bridal Party practice: "Cleveland Shuffle"
(1/2 hour prior to the guests arrival)
The full dance floor: "Cupid Shuffle"
Congrats to Monica & Edlin. I wish you all the best!

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