Monday, February 15, 2010

Price & Karoly @ Renaissance

Hello All: This past weekend was a whirl-wind. It started off with an amazing reception at The Renaissance with a kick-butt couple: JP and Rebecca, followed by my father's surprise 60Th Birthday Party complete with a RAD PHOTOBOOTH (Thanks Rob) and ended with a Monster Jam Valentines event with my wife and sons. It was an exciting weekend to say the least.

Here are the details of the Friday Night Reception I had the honor of providing music at.

Date: Friday February 12Th, 2010
Venue: Renaissance Cleveland Hotel (Grand Ballroom)
Photographer: Z-Media
Lighting & Special Effects: Ted with Renaissance A/V team
Memorable Moments: There are always a few. Again, the Best Man and brother of the groom (Josh) did an amazing job with his fun, witty, touching and sentimental toast. It was well received. Plus there was the "Walking in Memphis" sing along and the performance of "Bye Bye Bye". See pics below.

It's the amazing quality iPhone style photos. Enjoy!

Single table setting.
The full room view. (Renaissance Grand Ballroom)
The father/daughter dance.
"Walking in Memphis" performed karaoke style by the graduates of Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee.
"Bye Bye Bye" being performed by the best man Josh and a close family friend. JP and Rebecca watching the action up close.
A slow dance. I don't remember the song, but it filled the floor.
This was the second to last song of the night.
A rockin' dance floor at 11:55 PM ("Party In The USA")

Congrats to JP & Rebecca! It was a pleasure working with you on your amazing wedding reception. Go Buckeyes!


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